Monday, 1 June 2015

Hilda and the Black Hound by Luke Pearson

This is a great one.  We got Hilda and the Black Hound from the library last week and it got two thumbs up from my nine year old. I didn't look at it until today myself, and couldn't stop taking photos. Each page was better than the last.

As the title suggest, this is about a little girl called Hilda,

and a black hound.

 Also starring are the little Nisse folk, 

and Hildas Mum.

I love this - who hasn't nicked the end of a french stick?

Recommended for ages seven or eight and up, there are a few Hilda books in this series. I hope our library has a few more of them.
(my pictures above are details - this is what a full double page looks like.)

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