Monday, 16 December 2013

Little Owl and the Star A Christmas Story by Mary Murphy

This is our favourite Christmas book. It came down from the attic on Saturday, along with the decorations and never used candles and chipped crib figures. All the Christmas paraphenalia that I love to look at now, but will be itching to pack up and not see for another year by January 2nd. But not this. The only reason I put this book away is to make it all the more treaty to discover it again next December.

It seems that sadly, Little Owl and the Star is currently out of print, but it is available second hand from Amazon and AbeBooks. Written by Mary Murphy (whose board books I Like it When ... and How Kind! are the perfect new baby present), this is a sweet and gentle story.

"It was a silent night. I sat in my tree, with a waiting feeling." Isn't that a lovely beginning?

"A star sparkled along. "Follow me, Little Owl!" said the star. And I did."

And the star led Little Owl, the three kings on their camels ("plodding softly through sand." This is SO beautifully written.) and the shepherds to the stable, where they saw who was sleeping inside. 

This is a night time book, and the beautiful colours stand out all the more as a result.

I know its a bit late in the day to try to source this online but I'm sure most libraries will have it. Really, it's worth the trip.

P.s. Two interesting interviews with Mary; Here and here.

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